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New Beginning Mantra Mala

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha


This mantra removes obstacles from our pathway through the journey of Life. It unifies us from within and once there is an understanding that All is One, all obstacles disappear. There is no need to name the exact nature of the obstacle. Just the awareness and recognition is enough. Use the mantra also, to celebrate the beginning of new endeavours. Bless new projects with the energy of Ganeshji by chanting this mantra.


  Each piece is custom made by master goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur  

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The  Mala is a 108 bead Mala made from Jerusalem Stone beads. It combines different symbols and frequencies which serve as a reminder of unity and a support for the embodiment of unity.

The Jerusalem Stone beads that are used for the Mala are 4mm in diameter, the number 4 symbolising community. The string is knotted twice between each bead. The ‘guru bead’ is a 6mm bead which symbolises an open channel for universal energies. Your organic gold mantra bead attached to your mala, sits right above the tassel.

The tassel is made by wrapping the string 21 one times, as a symbol supporting change from within.

Wear it long around your neck or loop it around your wrist. The mantra Mala comes with a 1 gram Organic Gold mantra bead where you can choose your own mantra.

Mala Bead colours are unique and may vary from the images shown.

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