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Mother Earth - OM Dhara - Luminous - Bangle

OM Dhara: Mother Earth

OM Dhara Dharayei Namaha
OM Dharayei Namaha
OM Bhu Devyei Namaha


OM and salutations to Divine Mother who is the support of the earth.
OM and salutations to Divine Mother who is the Earth.
Honouring Mother Earth as the goddess she is.



I carry this mantra with me today, being conscious of the choices I make and how they affect Mother Earth. I bow to her beauty.

  Each piece is custom made by master goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur  

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This 24 Karat gold bangle will call in Mother Earth - OM Dhara. It will invite you to fully allow the light to shine and dissolve any density, rigidity or identity into the simplicity of being-ness. It brings transparency and clearer conduct for the divine to play its song through.

The mantra set within the gold together with the gold's own frequency, vibrate within the light body/energy field of the wearer. It adds the qualities of purity, flexibility and conductivity to our system. Therefore our desire and mantra becomes a part of us and attracts more of it to us. 

The Luminous Bangle supports oneself to find balance and support from universal forces. This 24 Karat gold bangle conducts one’s intentions, prayers, goals or wishes. It vibrates the 24k gold frequency and the mantra set within it. The bangle comes in three sizes - small, medium and large; and is made from 15g of gold.

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