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About Ami





Ami Ben Hur, creator of the mantra bead

The work I do, creating vibrational tools, brings desired frequencies to benefit and become one with our energy field and body.
These tools are a synergy of pure elements and intention, creating particular vibrations that will radiate their uniqueness within one’s life.


From the age of 6 I used to sit on my father’s lap, learning the art of working in silver, gold and gemstones. It has been my life’s work. Then in early 2007 I had a NDE (near death experience). I was hit by a car and the injuries were enormous.


My lungs collapsed, injured from the broken ribs. Some of my nerves were severely damaged.


Everything I considered to be my life collapsed and crashed, and yet there was a blissful surrendering, acceptance and awareness of something much bigger. No resistance, no fear – pure being was the only place to rest.



Anything else was too painful and out of tune. I was airlifted to the hospital and was in intensive care for 2 weeks. My body was not stable and had many issues to overcome.


The medical team decided not to operate as they believed that my body wouldn’t survive the operations that were needed. So they treated all the fractures with traction, pulling and holding the bones with weights as close as possible to their original positions so they could join correctly and heal.


The next 3 months of hospitalisation were a time in which I continued to be in a state of total surrender and grace, experiencing the amazing sensations of my body healing itself. I slept only in short bursts. I was traveling in different realms, seeing symbols, energy fields, collective thoughts – the liberty and library of all time.


Matter and living beings are usually perceived as separate entities but I could clearly see that all energy fields merged and were connected. During this time I was introduced to a great knowledge on the qualities of gold and gold work. I was enlightened by the different ways we can enjoy gold’s uses by creating jewellery / vibration tools, that amplify our desired intentions within our energy fields and become one with it. 


I could see that in my many years of creation working with gold I was guided and prepared for this time. I became a channeller delivering these items from spirit to matter and matter to spirit. I realised my call to be of service and answered it.


Mantras, prayers and gold were always together in temples, houses of prayer and ceremonies. They are a perfect match for supporting our pure essence on this Earth .


I was very lucky to share a friendship with Deva Premal & Miten and at a social lunch together, we admired each other’s works and the idea of the Mantra Bead resonated immediately with all of us. Thus the Mantra Bead Project was born.


The ‘vibe’ we experience in any given moment affects us and we are tuned into what is surrounding us; the ground we step on, the plants around us, the rocks, the water, the state of minds and emotions of every living thing nearby. All of this merges in our energy field and becomes a part of our experience.


Communicating through words does not begin to adequately express the knowledge I have been exposed to in my spiritual journeys. The only true way to express it is by creating a piece. When I am working the knowledge manifests in the most magical way.
 The sharing is like an ignition for it to happen.


Each Mantra Bead reiterates the frequency of its pure gold essence within the wearer’s reality - imbuing each action, thought and deed with the mantra’s vibration.