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What Is Organic Gold



The Qualities of Organic Gold


Organic gold is gold that is found and collected in rivers or in places that it has naturally risen up to the ground surface. It has never been treated in any way, and retains all of its original qualities – Flexibility, Conductivity, Purity & the Frequency of Golden Light. It is gold that shows itself to us as a gift from Mother Earth.


Inorganic gold is aggressively dug up by heavy machinery, and extracted from kilometres below the Earth's surface. Moving thousands of truckloads of soil and treating the gold with harsh chemicals is the way it is separated and cleaned.


Pure gold found in nature is 24 carat. Any other forms such as 22 carat all the way to 9 carat, white gold, rose gold and others, are not pure. They are different combinations of metal alloys mixed by chemical treatment, diluting and changing the pure and unique molecular structure of the gold. The end result is a cheaper product, easier to sell to mass markets, easier to design and easier to profit from. But these products don't vibrate with the unique frequency of gold, the same frequency as the gold from ancient times that humans from all civilisations appreciated and valued so highly.


The way gold has been commodicised is similar to the food and pharmaceuticals industries. The most simple organic food and medicinal herbs (and the ancient knowledge continued through them) have been pushed away in favour of synthetic, inorganic products that are harming our health and the environment.


Pure organic gold is vibrating Flexibility (non-resistance), Conductivity (non-judgement), Purity (no attachment) and the frequency of Golden Light (the bridge between our earthly existence and our spiritual existence). What a gift from Mother Earth!


The Golden Formula for Tuned Living

  • Be soft and flexible with life events and meet what comes to you with fresh eyes and no resistance.
  • Let go of the friction of judgment and preconception to become a good conductor of freely universal energy. From the never ending field of possibilities, choose the one you want to be with in any situation in your life.
  • Call in your I AM, the pure essence of your soul.  Let go of any ideas attached to it, and shine the uniqueness of your life expression on all of creation


These are the earthly, natural qualities that pure gold carries. If applied to our life interactions, relationships, communications and creative flow, we can transform any moment into a golden moment, becoming an open vessel for the golden light to shine within, and creating a bridge between our earthly and spiritual existence.