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"Thank you so very much , my mantra bead was a gift that I feel so very blessed to have received...I love it ..." Lilli Mullumbimby (26/2/15)


"With great great pleasure I can inform you, that just this morning the postman (rang twice J) and delivered in a separate package this most wonderful Mantra Bead. Thank you for all your help and with great joy and greatfulness I will wear this wonderful peace of art. God bless thank you again. Love." Karin (17/3/15)


"Hi guys, was absolutely touched to see the beautiful mantra beads being offered. I love the combined energy of mantra, pure organic gold, and the the energy of two of my favorite lovers. My wife and I were married to the Gayatrimontra in our garden 91/2 years ago and these beads would be perfect. Also I have never got a ring ( husband ) and when I saw the beads I thought this would be a ring I would really cherish.  Thank you." Charles G (25/2/15)


"Am delighted that my beautiful mantra bead arrived today.  It looks lovely on my long gold chain and I know I will enjoy wearing it.  Thank you for making such a special piece of jewelry imbibed with the beautiful Gayatri Mantra.  It is my favorite and special to me.  My granddaughter listened to Deva chant it in her Mummy's womb and recognized it at birth.  Whenever we play it she listens and is soothed by it.  Take care and may all blessings come to you and yours. Namaste Dear Artist." Sheila Litman 31/1/15.


"I have received the beautiful mantra bead from my husband who ordered it for me as a gift.  And I thank you so much for it. I receive many comments about how beautiful it is." Sheree (21/1/15)


"The beads got here safe and sound. They are of stunning beauty.Lovely work! Thank you very much, much love." from sternenfels, south germany


"I have just received my Mantra Bead. It is beautiful, I like it very, very much and I am very happy because I received it today and today is my BIRTHDAY. Thank you very much for your help. God bless you always."  Maria Sarabia (17/1/15)


"We received our Mantra Beads safely.   We welcomed them with our own special meditation/dedication, and we have been wearing them ever since. They are beautiful. Thank you once again for bringing these sacred pieces into being." Diane & Chris Myers Evans Head


"I received my mantra bead!! I love it, thank you so much for making such a beautiful bead, I will wear and remember who I am everyday." Audrey Segura (13/12/14)


"We are very happy to have such a beautiful necklace, with such a special meaning! Congratulations for a beautiful creation!" Claudia Aldana (12/11/14)


"Oh my how happy I am!!  I received my Mantra protection bead today!!!   I just guess the universe knew I was ready to receive it.  Namaste"  Star Ward


"Today the second mantra bead arrived. "Love" from the other side of the world. Thank you so much that this came so fast. Now, everything feels right with the two pieces of gold. It seem to be alive, I like them, as if it were friends :-), really a great, fine, vibrating energy of love in it. Well done, you do the right work in these times. Thank you once more!" Jivan (19/11/14)


"I am so excited; my beautiful mantra bead arrived today; on the full moon.  I am wearing it now next to my other bead close to my heart.  I now have 2 of my favorite mantra beads and am so pleased.  Of course, my birthday is a few weeks ahead but I couldn't wait.  I am listening to "A Deeper Light" with the OM mantra (the cosmic YES).  Thank you for allowing me to purchase it at an affordable price for me.  You couldn't have made me happier with this for my birthday. Namaste with love." Judy Monteith (9/10/14)


"I wanted to let you know that I love my mantra bead very much! Thank you for your craftsmanship, patience and artistry. My blessings and new beginnings are evident every day." (21/8/14)


"I received my mantra bead yesterday. Thank you for such a lovely gift. A few years back i discovered Deva chants and been wanting to thank her for bringing me closer to chants and meditation. And now through her site i discovered your wonderful Gift. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I had the idea of it and finally i have found your gift. Thank you." Owen Lam


"Dear, Ami! Iam so glad. Today I got my beautiful Mantrabead.
I thank you so much! I feel the love you gave into it.
I honor your wonderful creation whitch has such a good
energie. Be blessed." Greetings to Deva and MitenNamaste, Shalom, Om shanti." Dhyanpriya Junker (23/9/14)


"I just receive with great joy and vibration my mantra bead." Isabelle (18/9/14)